Amarpreet Minhas Asara

Server to manage and dynamically add/remove `.well-known` entries.

Updated 4 days ago

bash scripts + helm to set up my k8s cluster

Updated 4 weeks ago

Mah Infra

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Updated 6 months ago

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Updated 7 months ago

sudoscientist blog backend

Updated 8 months ago

helm charts

Updated 1 year ago

OTPish is a bash script that wraps oathtool and age to provide a workflow to manage totp codes. This is just thrown together and should probably not be used in production. YMMV.

Updated 1 year ago

sudoscientist built with react-redux

Updated 1 year ago

Forked from: with some updates.

Updated 1 year ago

Plugins for go-neb

Updated 2 years ago